Isn’t it funny how much hockey really means to us? People actually revolve their days around going to games, and watching them on tv. They spend so much money on tickets. People revolve their friends around who watches hockey and who doesn’t. Conversations can go on no matter how long, no matter where, about hockey. Because let’s face it. Hockey was never “just a game” to us. And it never will be. Hockey is a lifestyle.


they look like father and son but i can’t tell which is which 


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im buying this for all the goalies to tie on the post so they can stay in their crease


10/9/2014: srsly you guys need to step up for Crow..

Erik Karlsson’s first words to the media after being named captain. 

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Texts From Last Night [2/?]  hockey players

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The Dallas Stars have lost their chill (pt 2)

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no chill tonight; chirp city

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im so excited for hockey to start back up <33

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